Friday, March 7, 2014

Feb. 16, 2014-Port St. Joe, FL-K-

Has been pretty quiet since the last post.  We have been getting projects done here in the campground.  We put 3 new roofs on various buildings.  Our next project is the entrance station.  This one will be a little harder as we will be working around traffic and is more in the public eye!  It isn't a big building, just has a lot of different angles and valleys that we haven't had to deal with in the other buildings.   Keep your fingers crossed.

So, I am going to show a my nerdy side.  Tom had given me a portable weather station for Christmas as I couldn't bring the one we had at the house.  I am going to torture all with the monthly statistics for January. Tom is used to this.

High temp:72
Low temp:22
High Wind:18
Wind Chill:18
Avg. High Temp:57.35
Avg. Low Temp:41.70
Avg. Temp:50
Precipitation for the month:5.09

(Thank God she left out sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset, and high and low tides....:>)

When we had the cold snap with the sleet in January, they had to rescue turtles again from the bay.  A couple weeks ago we were told they were going to release them out on the beach.  A group of us went down to watch.  They had about 130 to be let go.  It was really neat.  They were pretty happy to get back out in the water.

Here is a couple of videos I took, one of one of the larger ones getting released
.   They put all the big ones in kiddie pools!

Last Sunday on the 9th, we headed north of Port St. Joe, to Wewahitchka (Wewa for short) and kayaked the Dead Lakes Recreation Area.  Very interesting place.  All Cypress trees.  There were a few fisherman out. The water was like glass.  The lighting was really neat.  Big puffy clouds, a little blue sky against the grey of the trees and dark water.  I hope one of my pictures captured it.

We were anticipating seeing a lot of birds.  But it was dead quiet.  We came upon a bunch of ravens squawking in the trees and I saw a large nest on top of a dead tree, a couple turtles sunning themselves, but that was it.  Not sure if that is normal or just the time of year.

Here's a link to a 30 sec. video of the paddle: