Saturday, December 14, 2013

12/12/13-Thurs.-K-It's hard to believe that Christmas is a little less than 2 weeks away.  Where does the time go.  It seems like we just did Thanksgiving, but I say this every year.

Today we leave Paynes Prairie and head over to Sopchoppy, Fl.  It is due south and a little west of Tallahassee.  We had stayed there for a couple nights a few years ago.  It is a campground run by the town on creek that looks like the kayaking could be really good.

It is very different camping this time of year.  We are so used to camping in the spring and summer and it being lighter later into evening. Now it is just the opposite.  Once we hit the winter solstice, it will get better! But what is more interesting  is because of how far south we are it isn't getting dark until a little after 5pm. What a bonus!

We ended up with a change of plans.  The place that can fix the awning can fix it tomorrow and it is in Midway, right next to Tallahassee.  We found a campground a few minutes away from the camper place. So we will go to Sopchoppy tomorrow.

Well this campground is a  interesting.  It is full of bow hunters and they all have their generators going full tilt (no hook-ups here), so a bit noisy and smelly!  Oh well-it is just for one night.  It is on Lake Tallquin. Real pretty spot.

What neither of us were paying attention to is hunters get up early to go out.  So at 4 a.m. the generators all start up again (we had one right next to us!) and at 5 a.m. they were all out of the campground and the place was quiet again!

Awning is fixed and we are in Sopchoppy in the town park that has a campground along the Sopchoppy River.  People have asked how the town got it's name so this was Wikepedia's answer.  The town's name is a corruption of "Lockchoppe." Derived from the Muskogee lokchapi (lokcha (acorn) / api (stem)), this was the old name of the nearby river.[5]

The population of the town is around 500.  Just a sleepy little town with some interesting old architecture.
Lots of bungalow style houses.

From what we have  heard, manatees have come up here.  The gentleman that runs the place said he had seen them about 8 months ago.  He saw two hanging out for awhile.  

Today (Saturday) we are having our first rainy day.  The town was doing an outdoor craft market, but it got rained out.  There were a few people, but who were left were packing it in by the time we got there.

Apparently you Northerners are going to get a lot of snow tonight.  Can't believe how cold it is up there at this time of year.  Like January temps.

Nothing more going on.  The dogs are having a sleepy day.  hmmmm that sounds kinda nice!!!