Friday, December 27, 2013

Port St Joe Peninsula

We finally made it to one of our favorite campgrounds,  St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida right near Port St. Joe. We arrived on Friday the 20th and will  be here until Jan. 2, our Christmas present to each other.  We are in a great site #13 (I always keep track of that for future reference!).  It is very private and has a wonderful view of an estuary that has lots of egrets and some sort of very small duck like bird, along with herons and kingfishers.

The weather up until Monday has been pretty warm  but quite windy. Kayaking has been out of the question because of that.  Pretty good whitecaps on the bay where we would be going.   We have been able to walk the beach in shorts and bare feet.  The water was not nearly as cool as I thought it would be.  I wouldn't want to swim in it, but it's not bone chillin'!  Gus saw the ocean for the first time on Saturday and she was so scared of it all. She continually acts like she is the big (little) tough dog, but when push comes to shove, she is a bit of a chicken.  Every time a wave came to her she would run in the other direction. We got a pretty funny video of it.  Yoda, the old seasoned wise one, was pretty excited to see the ocean once again.

Link to "Girls on the Beach"
Sunday night and most of Monday was quite rainy. We had to go to Panama City (30 miles west of  here) to get a part for the camper and we decided we should do a little holiday shopping for each other.  Well not the brightest thing on our part, as we weren't paying attention to the fact it was 2 days before Christmas (duh) and how do you shop together in the same stores and hide stuff in the car, when where you shopped (Sam's club) doesn't give you shopping bags to put your purchases in??   But anyway, it was pretty comical and we got it done.  Have never seen traffic like they have there.  Tyndall Air Force Base abuts the town so that adds to the population.  The city is about the size of Albany/Troy, NY.

Things have cooled off significantly and still windy.  This morning it was probably in the high 30's (oh my!)   However the wind has died down a lot and we got a nice walk in.  Hopefully the wind will stay calm and tomorrow we can take the boats out.

We opened a few presents last night and still have some to do.  

My friend Betsey whom I skied with at NEHSA gave me a gumbo recipe and that is what we are going to do for dinner tonight.  The fresh caught seafood down here is great.  Got some really nice shrimp, scallops, oysters, white fish and some bbq'd chicken and andouille sausage to put in the gumbo.

Tom and I hope everyone has had a great holiday and we miss all you very much.