Sunday, November 3, 2013

K-Nov. 3-Two weeks from tomorrow is d-day.  Has certainly been a trip up to this point.  Leaving friends and family has been harder than I thought it would be.  Getting rid of stuff has been pretty easy.  The pool table is leaving on Wed.  That is going to be hard saying bye to that friend.  Many many hours have been spent playing in the winter.  Lots of friends have shared numerous hours in the basement around the table.  Lots of laughs and many a late night.  More late nights than we care to admit to.

Tom remarked the other day at how the house is  loosing its personality.  As pictures come off the walls, and the "gee gaws" get packed up, the personality of the house is decreasing.

However, on a brighter note, we got looking at how we are going to get to FL. What stops we may want to make on the way down.  Maybe check out some beaches or Savannah.  We need to go to Green Cove Springs,FL to get our residency going and there looks to be all sorts of neat camping and some good kayaking. We are not too far from Payne's Prairie State Park we had checked out several years ago.  Really interesting place that is just like being in Kansas with topography.

Cold and windy today.  Looking forward to warmer weather!