Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shenandoah River State Park-Front Royal, VA.

K.-Fri.Nov. 22, 2013-   Happy birthday to my sister Suzanne.  I hope you are having a fun day.

The second day of the rest of our lives, vagabonds, gypsies, homeless, adventurers.  

What a trip getting here.  Didn't think we could pull it off.  But we did and it came down to the wire.  It started at 4 a.m. on Wed.(closing day) and we went to bed at midnight.  The day just kept going and going, and the piles seemed to keep growing as we would transfer STUFF to smaller surfaces as we moved stuff out.  

It was an emotional day, and long and thank goodness we had great weather throughout the whole moving process.  

My friend AnneMarie did a liquor run which was much appreciated and added a great bottle of champagne!.  Save that for Thanksgiving wherever that may be.

Thursday morning we were out of the yard by 4 a.m.  The house was so quiet and empty and echoey.  But we know we have left it in wonderful hands.  The girls will take great care of it and the land.

Easy driving I-91 to 84 to 81 and we ended up at Shenendoah River State Park in Front Royal, VA. 

The dogs have been wonderful.  I knew Yoda would have no problem as she grew up camping, but Gus on the other hand is a bit more of a handful, a tad wired for sound!  But she has been great and slept really well and never budged.  Traveling is tireing for them. 

Very pretty place but man is it expensive.  $32.00 plus $5.00 apiece for both dogs.  Now tell, what do dogs do that require that extra compensation to the state?  No one offered to walk them or feed them!!

Unfortunately we had to find a place with hook-ups as we were having some problems with the water system.  We couldn't test the pump prior to leaving because of the cold weather.  We couldn't drain out the antifreeze in the pipes because it had been pretty darn cold.  

This morning is was a little cloudy but warm. The birds were singing a way.  It sounded like early spring.   We saw some cardinals, bluebirds and a pileated woodpecker and 2 small deers, probably this years batch.  

It would have been a neat CG to stay at as there were some trails that followed the small creek that we are camped on.  lIt look like kayaking could be fun on it.  There were some companies near there that offered boats to rent.

Nice campground host, good Boston accent, Tom thought he was from "southie"!

Now we are on our way to No. Carolina and the Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge. There is a State park, Merchants Mill Pond SP with more reasonable rates, no hookups, but that is ok, we have plenty of solar.  AND the best part is my sugar daddy(Tom) is 62 and he can get our campsite for cheaper.  There is something to be said to being married to an older man!!!