Monday, March 3, 2014

January 29, 2014-Thurs-P.St. Joe, FL-K-

They said it would happen and it did.  The ground is covered with sleet!!  They were predicting snow, but I think that was for the northern panhandle.  It has been between 30 and 32 degrees all day.  Yesterday most of the counties here closed their schools.  Some major bridges were closed due to ice on the roads.  Who woulda thunk!

It wouldn't be too much of a problem, but my good cold weather gear is home and we had to work in the bad weather today.  Granted we were undercover, but it was a 3 sided building so it was cold.  But it worked out fine.  

We worked on a dump truck that the bed is all rusted as a result of the salt air.  It is unreal how much havoc it does to vehicles down here.  In the north we have salted roads, down here the salt air.  Tom cut the rusted floor off of it while I sanded the body with a power sander.  

There are a few tenters here and I don't know how they are getting through this cold weather.  I would be looking for the nearest hotel with a hot, hot, shower!

The Campground host Ken, has been giving me all sorts of extra clothes to wear!  I have my Bean boots, but they are just rubber and no insulation, and being on a cement floor all morning, I couldn't feel my toes. Just like having plastic ski boots on!  He dropped of a pair of warmer looking boots for me this afternoon as we will be working outside tomorrow  along with a pair of heavier socks.  I feel like such a wuss. (not sure how to spell that word!)

The pictures should tell a better story.

This post is LONG over due as our internet has been almost worse than dial-up and getting anything to happen is like watching paint dry.

Here are some pictures.

We are surprised our screen house survived!

They closed the ramps to the beach it was so icy.

I never thought I would see ice on the sea oats!